Retail Cloud Solutions & Managed Services

Through sound business strategy and operational excellence, we help you simplify management and improve service.

At Velocity, we understand that organisations in the retail and leisure industry work hard to create positive customer experiences with their brands. From striving to deliver exceptional service to introducing new products that generate loyalty from consumers, retail organisations need the freedom to focus on customers, not technology management. Velocity works closely with restaurants, retail stores, and hotels, delivering innovative retail cloud solutions that boost efficiency and simplify data sharing.

Our services are designed to help organisations in the retail and leisure industry:

  • Increase sales and improve margins
  • Meet the diverse expectations of your customers
  • Improve the customer experience and customer loyalty
  • Increase visibility and control for better decision making
  • Transform your business, from the storefront to the back office
  • Streamline complex supply chain and logistics networks​​

Our Universal Cloud Services, including our retail cloud solutions, are made to optimise application performance and improve the overall customer experience from beginning to end.

Committed to innovation in all of our offerings, we provide a differentiating approach that includes application-level expertise, high-performance technology, rigorous IT standards, and Velocity-developed intellectual property like Velocity Zoom®. Whether you work in the retail, hospitality, or other similar industry, Velocity is here to help you. 

Ask Velocity how applying an agile technology environment with our all-encompassing retail cloud solutions and our retail managed services can help you maximise the unique strengths of your business.

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