Engineering & Construction ERP Cloud Solutions

At Velocity, we recognise the importance of engineering and construction expertise.

Our services deliver much more than basic application hosting, because what matters most is using those applications to drive better business outcomes.  

We have a long history of providing firms engineering and construction ERP cloud application solutions, and we understand first-hand how to help them apply their unique application portfolios to meet the needs of the industry. From supporting efforts to integrate activities such as procurement and project management to communicating with workers at remote sites, Velocity can provide the hosting and application managed services that help you do what you do best – run your business. 

Velocity offers cloud-based, innovative solutions specially designed to help engineering and construction companies like yours...

  • Accelerate strategic initiatives through rapid application deployment and ongoing Managed Application Services
  • Streamline operations by reducing costs with Business Process Services
  • Leverage mobile applications to access real-time engineering, scheduling and cost information quickly and easily
  • Implement Managed Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure your business operates uninterrupted

With a long list of customers, including major home builders, construction companies and real estate firms, our track record is the best example of our commitment to the industry. From application hosting in our virtual private cloud to Business Process Services for HR/payroll, EPM and Engineering & Construction ERP cloud solutions, we have the knowledge to help you focus the full potential of your enterprise application solutions on your business priorities.

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