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Morgan Koh

Managing Director, Singapore Division

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Our SAP ECC Consulting Services give 360 degree insight.

Our SAP ECC consulting team takes a holistic perspective and tries to capture value across boundaries and between the silos, to create a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of parts, not just the individual issues. This is what we offer in the Compass engagement prior to an SAP ECC implementation.

Velocity’s Project Compass 

With a Compass exercise of 2-4 weeks, we help you create the roadmap leading to the objectives you define.  We will assemble a team of deep, functional expertise in your industry, to walk you through a structured process.  At the end of the engagement, we deliver: 

  • Business Case
  • Resource Plan
  • Full Project Plan, with significant milestones
  • Full cost estimate including hardware/software, consulting fees, internal costs & support

We will encourage you to precede a large project with a short Compass project. Regardless of the product, the Compass deliverables will help you to confidently and objectively select the right path for your SAP implementation.  

SAP Certifications

  • SAP Certified in Hosting
  • SAP Certified in Cloud Services
  • SAP Certified in Application Management Services

Compass Engagements

Velocity's consulting team has helped numerous organizations across all industries to initiate their ERP project.

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Construction & Operations
  • Industrial Machinery & Components
  • High Tech
  • Defense & Security

Why choose Velocity to start your SAP ECC journey?

Because we share your ambitions.  We listen to your reality, challenge the norms, and deliver true results that focus on strategic decisions with practical actions.  Having the right direction and roadmap is key to a smoother journey, and this is where we want to partner with you to lead the way.

Velocity Delivers An Unsurpassed Customer Experience For Running SAP Applications in the Cloud.

Want to take advantage of the flexibility and cost advantages of our VCAMP?

Our Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP) is secure, scalable, and most importantly, optimized for SAP and other enterprise applications. Velocity’s SAP hosting delivers exceptional speed, with the availability and control to ensure reliable, audit-worthy enterprise application performance. In fact, Velocity is an SAP Certified Partner in Hosting, with a rating of “Excellent.”

Can Velocity help my organization migrate to SAP HANA®?

Yes, whether you are planning to deploy SAP HANA via a virtualized environment, Multiple Components on One System (MCOS), Multiple Components on One Database (MCOD) or Multitenant database containers, Velocity can help. A 2-4 week Velocity Project Compass engagement with Velocity will provide a detailed business case, measurable objectives, a resource plan, a quote and a project plan for leveraging SAP HANA in our environment or yours.

Do you offer data archiving services for SAP applications?

Yes. Velocity can assist by defining business rules, identifying the data for archiving, performing an impact analysis, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and installing and configuring the purchased Archiving Software solution. An SAP HANA migration can also provide its own compelling benefits for data archiving.

Wondering how your systems will stay up to date?

Velocity is SAP Certified in Application Management Services.  Application lifecycle support is part of our service, so your SAP deployment is always current. Our services include unlimited patching, management of major and minor upgrades including retrofit of customizations to the applications. Velocity lifecycle support also includes ongoing hardware refreshes and platform upgrades.

Wondering how your concerns will be handled by our team?

To ensure a superior customer experience, Velocity assigns highly-knowledgeable customer support staff to each customer. We invest significantly in training and development to ensure our team offers ready-access to expertise in the SAP applications you entrust to us.  

Need to shore up the resiliency of your IT environment?

Velocity’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services includes regular testing, giving you proof and confidence that your IT environment is recoverable at the speed of your business.

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