PeopleSoft Managed Services

Velocity is a PeopleSoft® Managed Services provider that understands your application management struggles.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Velocity is a Managed Services provider that understands how many organizations struggle with the growing costs, administration, and complexity associated with managing their current PeopleSoft® applications.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Velocity is a PeopleSoft Managed Services provider that understands how many organisations struggle with the growing costs, administration, and complexity associated with managing their current PeopleSoft applications. 

We understand organisations are faced with challenges related to:

  • Supporting the need to rapidly enable new functionality and business processes 
  • Improving overall service levels for PeopleSoft application users
  • Reducing the dependency on PeopleSoft skills required to support the business
  • Reducing costs of operating and maintaining PeopleSoft applications
  • Freeing up valuable IT resources for your organisation's mission-critical projects

Velocity's PeopleSoft Managed Services

Velocity offers complete end-to-end PeopleSoft Managed Services that give customers the capabilities and unmatched expertise of providing full PeopleSoft application support and maintenance.  Our PeopleSoft Managed Services team is PeopleSoft certified and has an average of over 15 years of experience in supporting PeopleSoft HCM and financials applications that provide your organisation with the appropriate level of required support.

  • PeopleSoft Application Technical Support
  • PeopleSoft Application Functional Support
  • PeopleSoft Application Development
  • Full call-centre and help desk services
  • Knowledge Management
  • Application Monitoring
  • PeopleSoft Security Management
  • Incident Management
  • Batch Scheduling and Monitoring
  • PeopleSoft Application Administration
  • Data Archiving
  • Database Administration
  • Application Change Management

The benefits of deploying and supporting PeopleSoft with our Application Managed Services:

  • Simplify the management of PeopleSoft applications
  • Reduce your costs by up to 50% over traditional methods
  • Manage your PeopleSoft deployments with less complexity using our proven methodologies and tools
  • Quickly meet regulatory compliance in your PeopleSoft application
  • Leverage our On-Demand infrastructure support services
  • Application managed services delivered remotely to your on premise infrastructure or via our hosted solution in the private cloud

Velocity’s PeopleSoft Managed Services can help you reduce the cost of hosting and managing your PeopleSoft application, while deploying new added functionalities in a model that requires little upfront investment.

Want to take advantage of the flexibility and cost advantages of the cloud? 

Velocity has been helping customers to do that before “cloud” became mainstream. Learn about professional PeopleSoft managed services from Velocity. 

Need easy, quick access to support for your PeopleSoft software?

Just call our team — they’re ready to handle your technical, functional, or operational questions.  

Want us to run your ERP alongside Oracle PeopleSoft? 

We are the experts at ERP application management, with the know-how to make the most of the shared data and system connections. 

Need to shore up the resiliency of your IT environment?

Velocity’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services include regular testing, giving you proof and confidence that your IT environment is recoverable at the speed of your business.


Most PeopleSoft users are not questioning if they should move to the cloud, but rather when and how.

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