PeopleSoft Implementation Services

We are a PeopleSoft implementation partner that maximises your results. Let us help you exceed predicted outcomes.

The highly complex and intricate nature of PeopleSoft deployments often makes it prohibitively difficult for small, mid-size, or even enterprise companies to become experts. At Velocity, we can help. Velocity can improve your ROI and overall service levels as we tailor solutions and expert PeopleSoft support teams based on your unique requirements.

Velocity’s PeopleSoft Implementation Partner Services

  • PeopleSoft implementation and hosting in a private cloud
  • Managed Services to support the full technical and functional support needs of the application 
  • Full BPO (Business Process Outsourcing Services) including Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • A global Employee Call Centre

Implement PeopleSoft with Greater Flexibility, Less Expense

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Velocity has an in-depth understanding of the PeopleSoft application with a trained team of PeopleSoft experts able to both implement and manage a solution for your business, saving you time and money.

Velocity also offers PeopleSoft solutions in a subscription model with a SaaS option which gives companies an alternative to the expensive and labour intensive process of procuring hardware/software, building and maintaining an IT infrastructure, and managing multiple vendors. This means greater flexibility, lower initial costs, and predictable recurring costs.

Implement PeopleSoft in the Cloud

At Velocity, we know the value of the cloud. Long before cloud technologies went mainstream we went looking for ways to shatter the rigidity and lower the expense of large, on premise software deployments. Our solution? The virtual private cloud.

By implementing your PeopleSoft solution in a tailor-made private cloud, we're able to ensure high availability and ease-of-access, all while maintaining strict security controls. As a result, employee, vendor, and consumer data is safely stored but also ready for use at a moment's notice — you won't need to wade through layers of IT to find the data you want.

You can also maximise private cloud investment by pairing PeopleSoft with an Oracle JD Edwards or Hyperion deployment, giving you access to new insights without breaking the bank.

Want to take advantage of the flexibility and cost advantages of the cloud?

Velocity extends those benefits to our customers with virtual private cloud hosting optimised for PeopleSoft – not a generic platform where one-size-never-fits-all.

Concerned about staffing shortages or access to CNC expertise? 

As your business partner, not just your infrastructure provider, our team of CNC experts and staff is always on hand to be an extension of your team. 

Thinking about adding content management or other complementary software to your ERP? 

Ask Velocity. Our customers run these applications with us today using our Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service, so real world advice is a short phone call away.

Need to shore up the resiliency of your IT environment? 

Velocity’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services include regular testing, giving you proof and confidence that your IT environment is recoverable at the speed of your business.


Most PeopleSoft users are not questioning if they should move to the cloud, but rather when and how.

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