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Vickie LeRoux

Senior Vice President, Infor Line of Business

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Velocity is a leader in Infor Lawson applications, providing expert technical and functional support for Infor SCM.

As companies grow, their back office needs scale. To stay nimble and relevant, they need a solution that can change and evolve at the speed of business.

Infor SCM (Supply Chain Management) is a key component of delivering error-free transactions, responding to customer opportunities and minding market shifts. Further, with Transactional Monitor Alert for Infor SCM Mobile, businesses have the additional assurance that their transactions are processing successfully with near real-time verification.

Velocity’s Infor SCM Services:

Infor develops software with deep industry expertise, engineered for speed. Velocity is the leader in hosted and managed application solutions, optimised for Infor services, that help you realise the full potential of your Infor investment. Our services for Infor SCM include:

  • Infor SCM Implementation Services

  • Infor SCM Upgrade Services

  • Infor SCM Managed Services

  • Infor SCM Support & BPO Services

  • Infor SCM Hosting Services

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Infor SCM Mobile Transactional Monitor Alert

Velocity’s Transactional Monitor Alert for Infor SCM Mobile:

To scale and assist organisations in meeting the increasing demand on Infor systems, our Infor team has designed and developed a process to monitor Infor SCM Mobile transactions. The Infor SCM Mobile transactional alert monitor runs 24 hours per day and verifies Infor SCM Mobile transactions every five minutes, to validate and ensure transactions are processing successfully. With Transactional Monitor Alerts for Infor SCM Mobile, customers are assured that:

  • Bar counts, receipts, purchase orders and delivery tickets are verified in near real-time

  • Any performance issues are communicated to the administrator as well as Velocity support

  • Pro-active system health monitoring resolves 99% of issues that may cause transaction failure, keeping your business running virtually without interruption

Benefits of Transactional Monitor Alert for Infor SCM Mobile:

  • Minimal interruption of service

  • Notification and communication to customers

  • Initiate issue resolution and remediation

  • Optimised functionality for control and higher level of service

Why Velocity:

  • Nearly one hundred Infor Lawson certifications for product installation and consulting

  • Over 5,000 business process customisations designed and developed for customers using Infor

  • 420 Infor Lawson environments under management

  • Global staff of over 100 Infor professionals

  • Upgrades to the new Infor releases and migrations into Velocity’s Virtual Private Cloud

Velocity’s Infor Lawson team becomes an extension of yours, providing ready access to functional and technical expertise just a phone call away. With a methodology focused on speed and value, Velocity delivers more than 200 successful consulting projects per year to its Infor customers.

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