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Vickie LeRoux

Senior Vice President, Infor Line of Business

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Proud to be one of the 1st Infor partners to implement next generation Infor M3.

Velocity's Infor M3 experts undergo continual Infor M3 training to make sure that they are up to speed on the latest in upgrades and patches. An Infor consulting services partner since 2004, we boast over 5,000 business processes customised, designed, and developed for our Infor customers.

Infor M3 ERP Solution

Infor M3 is a comprehensive ERP solution designed for companies that make, move, or maintain products. To work effectively, most mid-sized organisations require back office, management software. As an example, Infor M3. Infor M3 modules are used in fashion, distribution, manufacturing, food and beverage and equipment organisations.

With these major industries using the software, the application support function can be critical to every company. There are several ways of providing application support such as: creating an in-house based support team, partner with a software vendor, or outsource to a 3rd party company specialising in application support, or another option is a combination of all three mentioned above.

Why Infor M3 Application Services?

Considering the application support as mission critical in a company, risk mitigation must be carefully considered. For a large ERP like Infor M3, the complexity of applications, system foundation, environments and technologies pose a very daunting challenge for any mid-sized company to build a team with required skill sets and expertise. It is also difficult to have redundant resources for all critical business areas, difficult to maintain security regulation, protection technologies and best practices.     

Velocity support for Infor M3 modules has been continuously ongoing since 1997. Our support team has expertise and in-depth knowledge in all 5 application suites of M3, system foundation and supporting technologies.

Infor M3 consulting services addressing the full application lifecycle

We believe in the importance of a strong and stable application and technical team in order to provide timely support to customers. Our success does not just depend on our expertise in Infor M3, or systems, but our success also relies on our level of focus, customer experience and relationship.

Velocity's Infor M3 Consulting Services 

With more than a decade of experience managing Infor M3 solutions, Velocity offers a breadth of technical, practical and operational expertise and services that make for high performing Infor M3 deployments, including:

  • Day-to-day Infor M3 ERP hosting
  • Upgrades
  • Implementation
  • Application services customisation
  • Infrastructure management
  • Support for third-party solutions within Infor’s software ecosystem

Velocity Support Model

Our Velocity support team is structured to support the following:

Infor M3 Application Production support

  • Problem Management
  • Trend analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Break fix including code fixes and modification fixes
  • Incident analysis and resolution
  • Design and create fixes for customisation and interface
  • Speed up issue resolution with Infor Xtreme support
  • Recommend and execute safely database repair

Infor M3 Application Operation

  • 24X7 Application Monitoring for availability, performance and capacity
  • Batch job and auto job monitoring and management
  • Incident management
  • Monitor and manage Interfaces
  • Monitor and manage Security
  • Application services desk
  • Services reporting

Infor M3 Application Functional Support

  • Assess customisation and interface for future upgrades
  • Provide M3 functional support (How-to)
  • Design and build new customisation/interfaces
  • Provide in-depth issue root cause analysis (Code level)
  • Manage issue full lifecycle (ITIL framework)
  • Provide ad-hoc small query report based on user request

Velocity's Innovative toolset offerings

In order to provide the best services possible, we also focus in various innovative tools aimed at preventing many issues from arising, to reduce risk from manual work and increase efficiency:

Info M3 Hardware/Middleware Support

  • Perform and assist backup
  • Monitor and alert backup
  • Archive and purge old logs
  • Issue follow up with 3rd party HW/SW Vendors
  • Product administration activity such as monitoring, user administration, patch management, process management
  • End to end platform management for Infor M3 satellite products

Infor M3 Application Release & Change Support

  • Code and build distribution and deployment
  • Configuration management and tool  management
  • Application environment setup
  • Data copy
  • Provide full cycle application fix management
  • Change management activities

At Velocity, we believe application expertise requires more than technical understanding. We know how to tailor the application to make your business processes more efficient.

Want to take advantage of the flexibility and cost advantages of the cloud?

Our virtual private cloud is not a generic, one-size fits all offering, because the best operation requires a solution matched to your specific business requirements. Similarly, our service level guarantees are based on application performance, not just uptime, because exceptional user productivity necessitates exceptional application execution.

Need advice on using Infor M3 to make business processes more efficient?

Our functional application and technical support teams help Velocity customers find better, faster, easier ways to use Infor M3 every day.  Whether you are scheduling maintenance services or re-architecting your supply chain, our experts have real-world answers that can make your job easier.Velocity’s world-class BPO Services increase the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day operations. Contact us to learn more about taking advantage of full HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing Services) including Payroll and Benefits Administration and a global Employee Service Center.  

Ready to upgrade?

Velocity includes application upgrades, as well as bringing customizations and integrations forward, within our comprehensive Managed Application Services.  We believe staying current is essential to helping you realize the full potential of your Infor M3 investment. Our project services team will develop and manage an upgrade plan that matches your business requirements and timeline.

Thinking about adding related software, such as barcodes or EDI?

Ask Velocity. Many customers run these types of applications in our cloud, so expertise and real world advice is readily available.

Worried how you would recover if something happened to your on premise Infor solution?

Velocity’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services are designed to offer a wide range of recovery options to quickly restore on-premise Infor deployments.

An Infor Total Cost of Ownership Model

A transparent Infor management pricing chart.

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