Partner Program

Alliances are fundamental to our business;

in fact, technology partnerships are vital to providing an exceptional application experience for our customers. We invest time and resources to develop deep expertise in partners’ technologies.

Velocity as a Partner:

The resulting knowledge makes us better business advisors to our customers and stronger advocates for our partners. We align with channel partners, technology partners and solutions partners who share our vision for changing the way companies acquire, manage and protect enterprise applications. We work together to make software faster and easier to implement, more strategic to business, agile and responsive to organisational changes, and extremely resilient to external forces.

Velocity invests in its partners, and our partners invest in us to provide highly-valued services to our mutual customers. The best partnerships are based on a shared customer vision, constant communication, and capitalising on the unique strengths of our organisations where the solution is greater than the sum of its parts. Catapult your customers’ success. Join Velocity in delivering the most exceptional application services in the marketplace.

Velocity has grown its business based on industry leading service delivery, extensive application expertise and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners providing the greatest value to our customers. As a member of the Velocity Channel Partner Program, you can expand and accelerate your own success by adding innovative solutions to your portfolio through Velocity’s virtual private cloud.

Channel Partner Program Overview:

As a Referral Partner, Velocity’s expertise in managing software 24/7 removes the risk and extends the benefits of providing value-added, cloud solutions to your customers. Together, we’ll create new market opportunities by combining each other’s strengths with an unwavering focus on serving the needs of our customers. Velocity is committed to our joint success.

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