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VCAMP powered by Velocity Zoom transforms the way you manage enterprise applications through automation, advanced analytics and enterprise application intelligence for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Velocity Technology Solutions, the largest pure play cloud applications managed services company in the world, can enable a seamless transition of your complex enterprise applications to the cloud. Leveraging our proprietary Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP), powered by Velocity Zoom® analytics, Velocity gives you flexibility, control and agility to maximise efficiency of your enterprise applications in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Velocity delivers a significant total cost of ownership advantage, reduces enterprise risk and assures the highest levels of visibility, control and service to ensure that you are getting the most from your  enterprise applications.

Thinking of moving your enterprise applications from an on-premise solution to a Private, Public or Hybrid cloud? Do you have the right skills, technology resources, budget and time to ensure a successful transition? How do you know which cloud end-point is best suited for your applications? What happens to your enterprise applications once you have moved it to the cloud?

Our view: you need to utilise software intelligence to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and ensure that your cloud resources are fully utilised to optimise application performance and deliver a superior user experience.

Optimise resource utilisation and empower your users to experience freedom of choice by harnessing speed and flexibility to deploy and manage complex applications across a heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. 

Combining technology with a limited number of smart resources, migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud quickly, and deploy your applications across a mix of private and public cloud infrastructure hence providing flexibility for your user community. With software automation, you can define the appropriate policy-based events to make your cloud application behave the way your business requires.


Most cloud management platforms focus on simplifying and automating the infrastructure stack. Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform has been designed with enterprise applications at its core. VCAMP leverages application content typically held by seasoned enterprise application architects to deploy automation routines that can optimise application performance. 

VCAMP Service Tiers are designed to provide your IT teams with visibility and control over multiple cloud end-points running your enterprise applications. Leveraging Velocity Zoom Analytics, such as  machine learning techniques, notification and alert triggers, VCAMP Service Orchestration modules for Workload Director and Dynamic Auto Scaling, implement changes which can blend your user community policy management process to deliver application performance in the manner in which they need the application to behave. 

Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform is designed around four service tiers:

  • Control Panel — A comprehensive management system, the Control Panel provides the users full visibility and control on the utilisation of Cloud based resources.

  • Service Management — Provides users with the ability to manage service level expectations from cloud-based enterprise applications. It includes a comprehensive service catalog for users — tightly integrated to Velocity resources that design and deploy infrastructure components into logical service bundles. Users of VCAMP Service Management enjoy the benefits of visibility and control with easy access to billing, performance and resource utilisation.

  • Service Optimisation — Includes various automation elements and capabilities for managing cloud services across multiple end points. Typical features include service orchestration, policy management to navigate and direct cloud workloads as well as  API’s for integration with internal and external applications. Although users don’t typically interface directly with this layer - it represents the intelligence behind VCAMP’s ability to manage high quality cloud services.

  • Velocity Zoom Analytics — Provides deep business insight on resource and application usage through a set of analytics modules. These analytics are also utilised in providing Service Orchestration with intelligence to optimise cloud resources to support the users changing business environment.


VCAMP delivers an industry leading application management services platform for enterprises to better manage their enterprise applications in the cloud. Here are the common benefits of deploying VCAMP for your enterprise:

  • Flexibility: Deploy your application on any cloud — Public, Private or Hybrid — without fear of vendor lock-in
  • Control: Manage your application’s cloud behavior based on policy definitions. Software-defined services driven by your selection from a service catalog
  • Efficiency: Your applications provisioned in minutes, seamlessly add services based on simple policy definitions
  • Analytics: Actionable insights across applications, cloud platforms and infrastructure — enabling smart decision making for your business
  • Visibility: Comprehensive management system with real time access to all your entitlements and consumption metrics 


The Service Catalog is a rich repository of standard service products and feature add-ons available through a menu driven process. It includes application centric services for enterprise applications such as INFOR, JDE and SAP.

  • Standard enterprise application products, feature add-ons & PaaS
  • Utilised by Velocity Managed Services teams to deliver services on behalf of our customers
  • Intelligent routing with approval workflow - built in
  • Flexible to allow the customer to easily extend their footprint
  • Integration to SalesForce for billing


The Control Panel is a comprehensive management system that provides the users full visibility and control on the utilisation of cloud based resources. Features available include:

  • Details on entitlements
  • Advanced monitoring 
  • Performance against SLAs (End User Experience)
  • Real-Time Application View
  • Automated end user functions such as cloning and printer set-up
  • Password management​

What is Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform?

Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP) is a cloud-based enterprise solution that automates the deployment and management of complex enterprise applications and cloud platforms whether they be in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. VCAMP’s design is policy-driven with control points and analytics for compliance, governance and security across various cloud environments and applications - hence empowering users through self service capabilities to maximise utilisation of the cloud infrastructure for their enterprise applications

What problem does Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform address?

Enterprises adopt cloud based infrastructures primarily to increase their agility, manage costs and maximise resource utilisation. Based on the business function and specific use of the enterprise application, requirements for cloud based infrastructures can range between private, public or hybrid. The common challenge facing IT organisations today is their ability to deploy and manage these complex applications in heterogenous environments while being agile, flexible and maintaining control over security, governance and compliance. VCAMP provides an intelligent cloud application management platform to simplify the way enterprise applications are managed across heterogeneous cloud infrastructures.

Who are the primary users for a cloud application management platform in an enterprise?

VCAMP is the most compelling for IT organisations who are tasked with delivering and managing enterprise applications for the business functions. Typical VCAMP users will be able to provision application instances in support of development efforts, track and manage cloud providers service performance, govern and maintain compliance across the IT environment through an integrated, cloud application management platform regardless of whether the applications reside in public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Other users for VCAMP Zoom Analytics may include functional leaders and IT management.

What are the key features for Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform?

VCAMP enables the following major areas of cloud application management services. Service Management features include Service Desk Integration, Control Panel, Billing Integration and Provisioning. Service Optimisation features handle dynamic scaling, policy management and governance, cloud orchestration management and multi-cloud federation. Velocity Zoom Analytics delivers a number of advanced analytics-based dashboards across various infrastructures, cloud platforms, applications and user communities.

What are some of the business outcomes we can expect by using Velocity's Cloud Application Management Platform?

Here are some of the expected outcomes from VCAMP (Actual results may vary based on your specific IT environment and application landscape):

  • 80% faster provisioning and deployment of enterprise applications environments.
  • 75% reduction in costs for deployment and management of  non production infrastructure
  • 50% increase in the volume of successful application updates per month
  • 40% reduction in total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure services 

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