Customer Experience Lifecycle

Our view of our relationship with customers is simple: we are your business partner, and we want to be the best business partner you have.

To us, being the best means delivering an exceptional customer experience—supporting your business in a way you could never achieve on your own, or with anyone else. Delivery of that experience is multi-faceted:  great services, highly collaborative and transparent processes, extremely knowledgeable teams and unique intellectual property that provides unprecedented insight into ways you can improve business operations. All of these work in concert to forge our role as a long-term trusted advisor to your business.

The Processes behind a Great Experience

A trio of Velocity team members from Customer Relations, Customer Operations and Project Services are dedicated to serving your company, making sure our services keep pace with your business objectives throughout the customer experience lifecycle. In the beginning, Velocity’s 4x1 Program ensures you get started on our services quickly and smoothly, and that you are taking full advantage of the capabilities our services provide. At one day, one week, one month, and one quarter into our relationship, our Managed Application Services teams go through a defined set of steps and service metrics with you to ensure your services are up, running well and already exceeding your expectations. Once we are in full swing, our Customer Operations team answers your day-to-day technical, operational and functional questions, bringing any needed expertise from Velocity colleagues right into the call to quickly address your questions. They will also proactively suggest other software features or service capabilities that can help you accelerate business operations. When your business goes through a major change event– such as an application upgrade, adding new users to support an acquisition or expanding your disaster recovery services environment—your Customer Program Manager champions the call to action, bringing in Project Services and Customer Operations to update Velocity’s services in line with your new requirements. Everyone at Velocity feels a responsibility for your success. Your priorities are our priorities.

A great partnership also demands exceptional service transparency.

Across all our services, customers can make requests online or via phone and track progress 24/7 through Velocity’s Customer Support Portal. Our service level agreements cover not only technology performance, but also the response times of our teams—both essential measures of an excellent customer experience. We invest in research and development to create tools that give you business insight you’ve never had before. Velocity Zoom® captures data on application transaction volumes and response times to visually illustrate opportunities for increasing business productivity and balancing workloads. Or, when conducting recovery tests, our Managed Disaster Recovery Services team develops a detailed run book, so you have complete insight into how the test proceeded and what should be updated to meet your changing organizational requirements. As your business partner, Velocity is continually investing in new services, tools and expertise to help your business run faster and stronger.

Velocity’s team operates as an extension of yours. As one customer said to us, “Velocity intuitively knows what it means to our business when we say ‘we are running payroll today’.” 

We understand the impact to our customer’s business, their processes and the systems involved, and our role in making sure everything runs smoothly within their enterprise applications. To deliver this exceptional customer experience, our team members possess two powerful and equally essential characteristics: they are extremely knowledgeable, and they are excellent problem solvers. Our Customer Relations group ensures tight alignment between your business objectives and the services we provide to your organization. They listen closely to your needs, and they apply their expertise in business processes, enterprise applications and our services to define the most effective solutions to support your business.

Our Customer Operations team has outstanding technical and functional knowledge, not only in core enterprise applications, but also in 80 complementary applications, such as content management or business intelligence, and how they work together to support your organization. The Team collaborates together to answer your questions thoroughly and quickly suggests new and better ways of executing business processes.

Our Project Services team excels at translating complex requirements into actionable projects, tightly and transparently executed on-time. Just ask to see their run book – they have a process for everything. The team has detailed expertise in business and industry workflows, bringing knowledge amassed across many customer experiences to the benefit of your organization. If you want to make a change to your enterprise applications or disaster recovery plan, they’ve certainly done something very similar many times before.

Velocity invests in hiring the best, sharing knowledge among our teams, and providing continual training to ensure we are always performing at our best and extending that expertise to your business.

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